Lake of the Angels via Putvin Trail #813

Head out to the Olympic Peninsula to take on a famously obscure hike of legendary proportions, passing features with names like the Valley of Heaven and St. Peter’s Gate on your way up to the Lake of Angels.
Total Distance: 7.0 miles
Total Ascent: 3400ft
Highest Point: 4950ft
Difficulty: Hard
Our Hiking Time: 6h 45m
Required Permit: Northwest Forest Pass
To get there, take I-5 south to Olympia to Exit 104 toward Aberdeen and Port Angeles. Follow US 101 along Hood Canal almost 49 miles through Shelton and Hoodsport to FR 25, also known as the Hamma Hamma River Road. Take a left and follow the road 12 miles to the trailhead just beyond Boulder Creek. The last five miles of the road are unpaved and have seen some washouts. A high clearance vehicle is recommended. View Google Directions >>
While we highly recommend this hike, it’s definitely not for the unprepared. It’s not the most difficult hike we’ve ever done, but the Lake of Angels was certainly challenging to get to. At the same time, many guidebooks give the impression that this trail requires some serious mountaineering skills to tackle – this is not the case. While there is one very small section that will probably require you to use some handholds to help you climb up the roots and rocks, that’s as harrowing as it gets. If you’re a strong hiker and are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, this is definitely a trail to check out. There are a few wilderness campsites around the lake, making an overnight an easy option. From the lake there is access to a variety of destinations including Hagen Lake or Mt. Stone and the Stone Ponds via a pass known as St. Peter’s Gate.

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