Boulder River Trail #734

This popular riverside hike takes you through stands of mossy old growth as it passes multiple waterfalls.
Total Distance: 8.2 miles
Total Ascent: 700ft
Highest Point: 1560ft
Difficulty: Easy
Our Hiking Time: 4h 15m
Required Permit: None
To get there, take I-5 north to Exit 208 and drive east on SR 530 for about 19 miles to milepost 41. Immediately after the milepost, turn right onto FR #2010 – some maps call this French Creek Road, but it’s not well signed. Follow the unpaved road almost four miles to its end and the trailhead. View Google Directions >>
It’s unsurprising that the Boulder River Trail is a popular hike. This trail gently takes you through a dramatic and impressive landscape. Once beyond Feature Show Falls, the forest becomes moss-laden and heavy, losing much of the undergrowth prominent in the early portions of the trail. The river remains a nearly constant companion, always within hearing distance even as it slips from view. Creeks cut across the trail, winding down to the river in contrast to the more dramatic cascades on the opposite bank. Even the wildlife was unexpected: water ouzels, wood ducks and hummingbirds all made an appearance. With only a few hundred feet of elevation gain and worthy destinations early-on, this trail is an excellent way to give children or the reluctant hiker a taste of the wilderness. One caution: when we hiked this trail, there were a couple of significant blowdowns that were a little tricky to navigate. Most hikers shouldn’t have much of a problem with these.

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