Beckler Peak Trail #1240

Explore the Wild Sky Wilderness along this relatively new and approachable hike up to the great views atop Beckler Peak.
Total Distance: 7.5 miles
Total Ascent: 2300ft
Highest Point: 5062ft
Difficulty: Moderate
Our Hiking Time: 3h 15m
Required Permit: Northwest Forest Pass
To get there, take Highway 2 out past Skykomish. Two miles past the Ranger Station take a left onto FR 6066, which is signed but easy to overshoot if you’re not paying attention. Continue for just under two miles to a junction. Bear right and continue about five miles to trailhead at road’s end. FR 6066 is a one-lane gravel road with occasional pullouts; use some extra caution navigating the traffic as hikers explore new trailhead. View Google Directions >>
This trail delivers a great view without too much effort - a combination that has already made it very popular. The East Peak does not have a lot of room, and by the time we made it to the top there were already quite a few other folks there. While the crowds were certainly drawn by the recent trailhead construction, this hike is likely to continue to be popular so expect some company on your way up. Still, the route is in great condition and the nearly 360-degree views are excellent. We recommend you find your way out to Beckler Peak before long.

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