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Kamikaze Falls - Photosynth

Jer's PhotoOn our recent hike up Mt. Teneriffe we came upon Kamikaze Falls. The falls drop between 150 and 200 feet, and are at their height in the spring, when melting snow and rain add serious volume to the creek. The photos for this synth were taken from different angles from the base of the falls. Unfortunately, the sky was overcast so the photos looking up appear a little too grayish for my liking, however the shots of the middle and bottom parts of the falls turned out quite nice.

Many of you who have been following the photosynth postings probably noticed that the viewer has been upgraded by Microsoft. (The older Direct3D Viewer is still available if you prefer to use it.) One notable new feature is the ability to add "highlights" to a photosynth. The highlights are located on the right and you can click on them to navigate through the synth. Also, I've updated all of the previously posted photosynths with highlights, so check them out! - Jer

Are you new to photosynth? Check out the first photosynth blog post for more information.


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