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Melakwa Lake - Photosynth

Jer's PhotoOn our latest hiking excursion to Melakwa Lake, I attempted to capture the snow-covered lake, nestled below Chair and Bryant Peaks. The photos for this synth are taken from a fixed position because it was far too cold to spend time moving around to get shots at different angles. The photos have been converted to black and white to try and bring out the textures in the landscape such as the rocky cliffs of the peaks.

Are you new to photosynth? Check out the first photosynth blog post for more information.


shoevan10 said...

how cold does it get up there in the winter - December to January?

Jer said...

Hi shoevan10! Here's some info if you plan on doing Melakwa Lake in the winter. The weather will be pretty comparable to Snoqualmie Pass. It can be anywhere between 10F - 40F depending on the weather and wind chill. Be sure to check avalanche conditions the day of the hike/snowshoe. Also, FR58 gets snowed in and the plows stop maybe 3/4 of a mile from the start of the trail which will add some mileage. This hike isn't very popular in the winter, so there may not be path to follow, so take a GPS, unless you're really good at using a map. Have fun!

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