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Stats Update, Jan 2009

I've rolled the data from our last four hikes into our running total. Check out last month's stats for comparison.

Stat Running Total
Number of Trips 11
Distance (miles) 70.35
Hiking Time (hours) 34.58
Average Pace (mph) 2.03
Elevation Gain (ft) 21,842
Equivalent Summits of Mt. Rainer (14,411ft) 1.52
Clif Shot Bloks Consumed 56

Sadly, you'll notice that I did away with the "Cheesy Bagel" stat. We just haven't been eating them! I think this is mostly because we've gotten better about packing up food prior to leaving for a hike. What's this "being prepared" nonsense all about? Lucky for you, I've added two new stats, "Average Pace" and "Equivalent Summits of Mt. Rainer" which will hopefully offset the loss.

The new graph on the right, is my attempt to use the data to plot some trends in our hiking behavior. Basically, the average miles per hour (mph) is a measure of how fast we're walking, and average percent grade is a measure of the steepness of the terrain.

Ideally, (for our inflated egos) we'd like to see both lines trending upwards because that would indicate that not only are we doing steeper hikes, but we're also doing them faster! Realistically, however, I think as the percent grade increases our mph will go down. That brings us to the interesting question of why, in December, did our pace get slower when the grade got shallower?! I'm going to go out on a limb here and blame it on the snow, our fattening holiday bellies, and our lallygagging around trying to take entertaining photos. Hopefully, we'll be able to break the trend in January...

Finally, I'll end this post with the progress toward our goal of completing the book 55 Hikes Around Snoqualmie Pass. By combining hikes, we've been able to complete 16 of 55 hikes in 11 trips. At our current rate we'll complete the book in mid-July. -Jer


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